Alison Rugel Named MVP in DCSS All Star Game

Written by Bruce Crawford on . Posted in DHHS, Girls Soccer

Talk about bringing her “A” game.  Alison Rugel lit the field on fire with two 1st half goals to lift the Inside the Perimeter (ITP) All Stars to a 4-1 victory over their Outside the Perimeter (OTP) counterparts in the 5th Annual Dekalb County All-Star Soccer Game.  As a result of her performance, Allison was named MVP for the winning team.

Entering the game mid-half, she instantly changed the dynamics of the game.  Playing left-midfielder she capitalized on a cross coming from the right corner to net the games 1st goal.  From there her ball handling skills and mid-field management skills bore fruit as multiple dishes to her all-star counter-parts resulted in a barrage of shots being levied upon her OTP foes.

With 5 minutes or so in the half, Alison was taken down just outside the 18’s forcing a free-kick upon the goal.  An insignificant wall of 3 OTP players was set up 10 yards out leaving the OTP goalie to wonder whether this girl from Druid Hills had the leg to curl beyond her reach from that distance.

Twenty seconds later, the OTP goalies question was answered.  ITP: 2  OTP: 0.  Don’t have the video of it, but picture a perfectly placed shot into the upper right corner of the net.  Allison’s left boot is golden.

The OTP team made it interesting for a bit by scoring a goal right before the buzzer sounded.  The ITP Lakeside coach gave a rousing half-time speech that reminded his players that if you let the OTP tie this game up…it will go into overtime and will steal minutes away from your overly packed schedule of final exams and year end celebration what-not.  That seemed to do the trick.

ITP scored two in the 2nd half, one from our own Indigo Childs who pummeled a shot from 15 yards out that deflected fortuitously off an OTP defender to stymie the otherwise stalwart OTP goalie.  This put the game away at a 4-1 tally.

To sum it up DHHS girls soccer contributed to 75% of the scoring, our star Alison Rugel was named MVP, and she was supported by four other team-mates who were named as Dekalb County All Stars.

  • Anabelle Finley
  • Sarajane Crawford
  • Indigo Childs
  • Skylyn Houde

Great job ladies, way to represent the Red Devils well!


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