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Druid HillsThe new Druid Hills Athletic Association seeks to enhance the 7 year experience of our student athletes through its mission “to generate support and funding for athletics at Druid Hills High School and Middle School.” As we enter our seventh year, the Athletic Association wants to say “Thank You” to donors and volunteers like you, and our wonderful sponsors. Through your support and generosity, we are able to benefit all student athletes and teams, including the Marching Band and Cheerleading.

Since 2007, over $150,000 has been allocated to over 800 student athletes participating on approximately 50 High School and Middle School sports teams.To date, approximately $102,000 has been allocated towards the purchase of athletic equipment, uniforms, facilities upgrades, and athletic services. The list of items funded through DHAA allocations includes:

  • Championship banners for the high school gym
  • Court refinishing, floor mats and wall pads for the high school gym
  • New grass sod and irrigation upgrades for the middle school athletic field
  • Lightning detectors and portable AEDs at all athletic facilities
  • Athletic trainers at team practices and games
  • Weight room upgrades and maintenance
  • Batting cage and field drainage improvements for baseball
  • Shoot-A-Way training equipment for basketball
  • Protective gear, practice equipment and coaching clinics for football
  • Uniforms and equipment for start-up programs in boys and girls lacrosse
  • Field nets for lacrosse and track
  • Sousaphone and bass drums for the marching band
  • Goals and training equipment for soccer
  • Pitching machine and training equipment for softball
  • Record board for swimming
  • Ball machine, windscreens and court rentals for tennis
  • Hurdles, equipment cart and starting mats for track
  • Uniforms for ultimate frisbee
  • Netting system and equipment cart for volleyball
  • Uniforms and mats for wrestling

The DHAA also provides discretionary gifts to teams to help offset expenses for coaches, tournaments, camps, pre-game meals, etc. In 2012-13, the DHAA provided almost $15,000 in discretionary gifts to the following teams:

Football 2500
Baseball 2500
Soccer 1500
Lacrosse 1500
Basketball 1500
Softball 900
Volleyball 900
Wrestling 900
Band 500
Tennis 500
Track 500
Cheerleading 300
Cross Country 300
Golf 300
Swimming 300
TOTAL $14,900

We need your help and support to continue the positive momentum in 2016-17.

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Your sponsorship helps provide financial support for the student athletes at Druid Hills High School and Druid Hills Middle School, while allowing your business to gain exposure to approximately 700 athletes and their families through ads in Team Programs. Sponsors also are able to reach our entire student body (approximately 2,850: 1,600 HS and 1,250 MS), their families, our fans, and more through public announcements during sporting events, sponsor listings in our weekly e-newsletter, and DHAA website listings. Download the Sponsorship PDF

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The Druid Hills Athletic Association is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that generates support and funding for Athletics at Druid Hills High School and Middle School. As a 501(c)(3) organization, gifts to the Athletic Association are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. This funding is critical given the limited DeKalb County financial support for athletics. We ask for funds to be donated to the Athletic Association’s general fund, but if you wish to make a targeted gift towards a team, we will gladly accept and direct those contributions as well.

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Both your online receipt and your credit card statement will show a donation to Druid Hills Athletic Association. If your donation is for an event admission or a specific team, please note in the box below the word “Purpose” on the donation page, for example, “gift” or “gift + 2 party admits” or “gift, football” or “4 party admits.”

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